Fried eggs with cumin-spiced fried onions & pitter

LEVEL: Beginners



1 onion, sliced
2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra to fry the eggs
½ teaspoon cumin seeds good sprinkle of chilli flakes
2-4 medium eggs, depending on how hungry you are pilta bread, to serve small handful of chopped
Mat-leaf parsley salt


Put the onion and olive oil in a large frying pan and place over a medium heat. Cook for around 5 minutes, tossing the onions every now and then, until they’re just starting to turn golden at the tips. This is the point where you need to watch them carefully otherwise they’ll burn, so turn the heat down a little.

Stir in the cumin seeds and chilli flakes and about 2 tablespoons of water. Continue to cook for a couple more minutes until the onion softens then season well.

Nudge the onions to the edge of the pan and drizzle in a little more oil if necessary to fry the eggs. Break in the eggs and cook until the whites are set. Put a lid on the pan at this point so that the egg yolks cook, without the need to add any more oil. You can sprinkle extra chilli and cumin over the eggs to spice them as well.

Toast or bake the pitta until it just starts to crisp then spoon the eggs on to the plate with the onions and scatter over the parsley.


You can make a batch of the onion base ahead of time if you want to make this recipe even quicker.

Double or triple the quantity of onion then keep in a sealed container in the fridge for up to a week. Stir a spoonful into a stew or dollop on top of a soup.