Tomato-crust potatoes

Grilled aubergines with feta

Moussaka with tahini

Courgette fritters

Potato fritter filled with spiced lamb

Almond-crusted squid with sumac mayonnaise

Fresh figs or pears with halloumi and rocket

Fried courgettes with yoghurt tahini & garlic

Grilled aubergines with olive oil garlic & mint

Fattoush with pomegranate

Comptoir tomato & halloumi salad

Comptoir spiced hot chocolate with tahina & halva

Fig halloumi & pistachio tart

Sweet potato & tahina pudding

Rose mouhalabiah with summer fruit compote

Chicken & chickpea stew

Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb

French beans in a tomato & olive oil sauce

Grilled halloumi with roasted vine tomateos

Vegetable tomato salad

New potatoes & green tahina salad

Roasted peppers salad

Grilled chopped aubergine salad

Sujuk scrambled eggs

Banana tahini & chocolate shake

Blood orange & thyme soda

Basil lemonade

Carrot, celery & ginger breakfast juice

Pistachio & almond cake

Chocolate chickpea pudding

Roast figs with tahini & carob sauce

Pomegranate hot sauce

Coriander sauce

Roasted garlic & yoghurt sauce

Tahini tomato sauce

Chickpea and courgette fritter wrap

Bulgar pilaf

Lentil & rainbow chard soup

Beirut butterbean mash

Fried eggs with cumin-spiced fried onions & pitter

Lebanese scrambled eggs

Red baba ghanoush

Potato salad: three flavours