Yalla Yalla is a homage to North African grandmothers

Yalla Yalla is inspired by the Middle Eastern generosity of our grandmothers and the wonderful hospitality of their homes. Step inside either our Green’s Court or Winsley Street restaurant and discover the delicious aromas of our authentic recipes.  They are the perfect spot for a bite to eat whilst exploring Oxford Street or Soho.  

“My own grandmother, who was Algerian, was a really good cook and her home was filled with warmth and generosity. Whether it was a quick drop-in after school or we were there for a bigger feast with all my cousins, uncles and aunts too, she would spoil us rotten, always encouraging us to eat everything. The food was cooked with so much love and plenty of passion and tasted so good that we always ended up eating and enjoying every plate of food laid out before us. It’s this unique spirit that I’ve captured in Yalla Yalla, making it as comfortable and easy as it was back then, so that you can enjoy it today.” Tony Kitous explains.